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Mayan Seed Fund

Mayan Seed Fund

Empresas en operación con validación comercial y con posibilidades de escalabilidad

Our Seed Capital Fund provides value creation solutions, based on the injection of "smart" resources, that is, we contribute capital to the project and complement the investment by accompanying the project with an incubation model that consolidates the proposal in the market and projects the invested business.


Capital Investment: From $ 500 thousand pesos and up to $ 1 million pesos.
Investment Term: Up to 7 years
Project region: South-Southeast of the Country
Maximum participation of the Fund: Up to 49% participation of the invested companies
Investment Stage: Seed Capital start-up, recently created companies.


Inversión en Capital: Desde $1 MDP y hasta $15 mdp.
Plazo de Inversión: Hasta 7 años
Región de proyectos : Sur-Sureste del País
Participación máxima del Fondo: Hasta el 49% de participación de las empresas invertidas
Etapa de Inversión:  Venture Capital / Etapa temprana de formación,  con un concepto ya validado comercialmente.

Fondo invertido

Profile of Projects we are looking for

  • Innovative

  • Scalable

  • With Market Opportunities

  • With high growth potential

  • With change provision

  • With a committed work team

Próximamente Mayan Capital Fund III

Register your project, and consolidate your business with us today!

Register and complete the following form and send it along with your business plan to . Once you send it, a person from our team will contact you to move forward with the process.

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