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Benefits we offer you

5 reasons why Mayan Capital Fund is your best option:

  1. We are the only entity accredited as a Private Equity Fund in the southern region.

  2. We have the business and financial experience of partners with high-impact businesses in the region.

  3. We do not charge interest or ask for guarantees, we bet with you on the success of the Business.

  4. We provide all our resources and advice to trigger a great change for your business.

  5. We apply proven successful methodologies for business acceleration.

Advantages for your business to be promoted by Mayan Capital:

  1. We are a strategic partner for your business, so we are committed to the results of your company.

  2. We provide your business with the economic and human resources necessary for your development.

  3. We do not charge interest or request guarantees, our offer is based on expected results.

  4. We are made up of the experience of the best entrepreneurs in the region willing to share their time with you.

  5. Our process promotes easy, timely and attractive access for entrepreneurs.

  6. You will have all the permanent business advice in charge of highly experienced specialists in our fund.

  7. We are experienced in managing businesses and promoting their successful acceleration.

  8. With us it will be more feasible to expand your business in future investment rounds.

  9. Our partner is the most important development bank in the country, which gives us additional support.

  10. We will promote the best business practices to encourage your expansion and development.

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