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Fondo de empresarios Yucatecos para promover el desarrollo de un ecosistema empresarial que mejoren las condiciones económicas para la región


Smart Capital for business acceleration

Our philosophy at MAYAN CAPITAL FUND is to get involved with the administration of the promoted companies, concentrating on carrying out an effective administration and seeking the necessary synergies for the economic development of the companies in which we invest, always seeking investment in companies with reasonable risks and with clear business development opportunities.

Based on our business acceleration model and our philosophy, the companies promoted by the fund will be able to acquire significant growth and development influence in relatively short timeframes, as the key element of the management philosophy will be to align their own interests with those of shareholders and operating partners, thereby motivating long-term incentives.


Companies today

Statistically a company with a fund:


Does not survive


requires financing


Requires professionalization


Grow in sales


Grow in jobs

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